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I am your host, Allison Parsons, and if you are new to this site you have stumbled upon the best place to start. Here at History Through the Pages we take a look at history through a researcher’s eyes, uncut and unedited. While we bring you history as we understand it, we also pair our content with books and resources so that you can continue your own research. 

Here on the ol’ blog site, we feature segments in which we bring our readers content. First and foremost is our main segment, History Through the Pages. In this segment we share our research on various topics and connect you with further resources. Secondly, our segment Ask A Historian, is all about YOU. You, along with our other readers, can get involved in our work by asking questions and telling us what YOU want to read. The greatest ability we have as humans is asking questions, because it is how we learn. If you have questions or would like to submit a suggestion for us to research, send us an email or message through our contact information. 

There is no set schedule for our blog so we will post content as much as possible. Our work is more than just for the sake of learning, but because it is crucial that we never stop learning and educating ourselves. This blog site is only the beginning. We aspire to continue our work professionally and teach others about history outside of the classroom. So much information is lost when books have to be cut and mandated. Our future endeavors include a YouTube Channel, Traveling Blog Posts, and Giving To History, our personal goal to help save forgotten pieces of history.  History is more than remembering dates and names. It is fun when administered correctly. History is no longer just for the starched collars in classrooms or museums. Anyone can study history and educate others with the right tools. 

Until Next Time, 

Allison Parsons 

Published by pagesofhistory101

I am a historian, writer, and artist. Through writing, research, and art I share the fascinating world of history through the pages of typically unseen sources. Through my channel and blogs, you will discover things you wouldn't have learned in history class. My motto is "History is for everyone!"

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