Entry #1

Crossing the Finish Line Dust off the creaky desk chair. Fluff the writer’s support pillow.The day has arrivedTo begin old endeavors, once again. Friends, new and old, it is with great pleasure that I announce the completion of my Bachelor’s Degree. The long arduous road has come to an end and I am thrilled toContinue reading “Entry #1”

Geology Rocks

Amethyst Keeps You Sober Since a young age, I have collected rocks for any reason teetering on the logical fence. Naturally, as I get older, my interest lies in their composition and not just how pretty they are (although that definitely helps). As a leisure activity, I often like to go rock digging with myContinue reading “Geology Rocks”

You are here…

Salutations and welcome.  I am your host, Allison Parsons, and if you are new to this site you have stumbled upon the best place to start. Here at History Through the Pages we take a look at history through a researcher’s eyes, uncut and unedited. While we bring you history as we understand it, weContinue reading “You are here…”