Entry #1

Crossing the Finish Line

Dust off the creaky desk chair.
Fluff the writer’s support pillow.
The day has arrived
To begin old endeavors, once again.

Friends, new and old, it is with great pleasure that I announce the completion of my Bachelor’s Degree. The long arduous road has come to an end and I am thrilled to be writing again for the blog. For this next chapter of my life, as a metaphoric cracking of the champaign bottle over the bow, I have begun The Historian’s Journal. This will be a separate page dedicated to blog entries which are not always academic, but will always be written from my heart. There are days when we cannot hide behind the books. There are days when our thoughts simply need to be expressed. The Historian’s Journal will provide a break from the research world, supply updates about my endeavors, and highlight what’s happening.

It was very difficult to step away from the blog during the past year. I was in the home stretch of finishing my degree and the truth, as many of my gym teachers have yelled across the track field, is that the last sprint is the longest. But it was worth it. I graduated summa cum laude and have recently accepted an invite to join ASU’s Phi Beta Kappa.

For the next few months I will be taking a break before continuing my Masters studies. During that break, I will be working on more content and posting regularly on the Instagram. Of course, there will be reading and coffee breaks.

Until next time

Published by pagesofhistory101

I am a historian, writer, and artist. Through writing, research, and art I share the fascinating world of history through the pages of typically unseen sources. Through my channel and blogs, you will discover things you wouldn't have learned in history class. My motto is "History is for everyone!"

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